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Why keep chickens, apart from helping you to weed the garden and undertake pest control, you can eat them, eat their eggs, use their feathers for fly fishing. The Gallus Gallus is your gardening friend.

Our chick companions however, need a little more care than most people realise.
Apart from every predator trying to take away your resident garbage disposal unit, there is an array of pests and diseases that you need to be mindful of.

Firstly a secure roost, that is easy to clean – so my first choice is metal and movable. So that a quick blast from the power washer and a spray of disinfectant is the cheapest and quickest way to keep on top of a number of basic pathogens.


Good Guide to trimming wings to keep your chickens in the pen  Clipping Wings


Collect your eggs every day and put in plenty of sawdust, to help keep your eggs clean.


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