Living on Acreage and keeping animals a fence is an essential tool for keeping your animals in and other peoples animals out.

You would think a fence is a fence is a fence, the type doesn’t matter. Apparently that is not so.

It is important to choose the right type of fence for the purpose for which it is intended. It is safer for the animals and safer/cheaper for you in the long run.

Types of fencing

Wall – made of brick, wood, stone

Wire Fence – galvanised wire

Barbed Wire

Types of Mesh

  • Hexagon
  • Square
  • Panels


Sheep Fencing





Do not use Sheep fencing for your horse. They can get their foot stuck in the fence and do some major injuries to their legs.


Poultry can fly, so a 6ft high fence is a must. Alternatively you can have a lower electric fence and clip one wing of your birds. However if you show your birds then clipping them is not an option.

Chicken Wire with the hexagonal pattern is attached to Starpickets with a steel wire at the top middle and bottom.

Fox’s are known to dig under fences, so burying wire around the boundary is a technique often used.

Hawk’s – an open pen with no cover means your poultry has no where to hide if a Hawk is around. Having a cockerel in the pen helps as it is their job to have one eye on the sky and one eye on all the hens. He will alert the flock to a predator and will attack a hawk.

You can build an enclosure – go to chook pen page for ideas.

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