Keeping Cool…

As the summer progress’s the need to be cool comes to the fore. Our tin roof, did not have any ventilation to the outside, so rather than pay a builder, we picked up 4 whirlybirds from the local builders merchant and installed them at equal distance across our roof. Then at regular intervals on the underside of the eaves, vents with a grill to allow airflow from the bottom and out thru the top. As you know hot air rises, so hopefully our house will be a few degrees cooler. Next on the list is insulation batts in the roof, only after all the electrics have been checked, we don’t want any accidents or fires. This way we hope to drop the average temperature in the house down by a few degrees without the use of air conditioning. If we had more time and money, we would remove the outside wooden cladding and install insulation in the walls, followed by double glazing. Both of these would help to keep the heat out in the summer and the warm in on the winter.

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